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Couch Potato Pooch!

I have a 2 1/2 yr old Dane named Samson. My Husband and I use to tape an animals show for the local stations. We would go to the local shelters and show EVERY animal as well as do 1/2 hour segments every 2 months on different topics. Trying desperately to find these animals homes.

Well..We would have to do the edit points when we came home and as you know, shelters can be quit noisy! Samson would literally back his hind end on the couch, ears at attention, head cocked to one side and watch the entire segment with us. Occationally he would dash for the screen and whimper back, tail wagging. Sending his support through the tube? Who knows. He does this alot with shows that have animals in it. He especially likes Uncle Mattys voice! His ear perk straight up when he hears him! It's priceless!

Michelle G.
Taunton, MA


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