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I like it spicy!

Our dog is a beagle dachsund mix who loves licking left over bowls and plates. One time my sister fixed her boyfriend (a spicy food fanatic) some chicken and rice, pouring tobasco sauce and Louisiana hot sauce all over it until the chicken and rice were swimming in it. Anyway, the boyfriend ate it (with a straight face) and left the plate on the coffee table. Our dog, Ginger, approached the plate, sniffed it, and began lapping up the extra sauce. After about 3 licks she began to pant and ran for the door. I let her out and she chomped on the grass. I followed her and was laughing so hard I had to put the not-quite-finished plate down.

After she was done she went to see what I had just placed on the ground. She quickly finished the plate up and ran back to eat the grass. I laughed even harder.

I never understood why she went back to that plate, because to this day, she doesn't touch anything that looks like that sauce.

Erin C.
Madison, WI


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