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Dog Stories

Happy Ending

I was in a rough part of Atlanta (near the Penitentiary) early that morning, setting up an event for the radio station where I work. It was summer and already hot. I saw a black dog resting on the sidewalk, a young chow. Lots of thick black fur, in that sun, on the sidewalk? It didn't look right. I figured he'd been hit and I was right. I know you're never supposed to do this, but I approached him and he let me pet him AND pick him up. I've heard all that about injured dogs biting, but somebody was looking out for both of us that day. I carried him to my truck. A young man came walking down the road and told me he'd seent he dog get hit and knew the dog's negligent owners. I told him I wanted to take him to the vet and find a home for him. I never asked what the dog's name was. The next day the vet told me "Blackie"'s pelvis was fractured and his right hip ball was completely broken off. I couln't believe he never nipped or growled when I carried him. I couldn't afford the surgery or face putting him to sleep; he was so sweet, so affectionate. When I'd pet him he would push his head into my hands. Luckily an animal-loving friend of mine adopted him temporarily (to the dismay of her neighborhood association - he barked all day), saw that he got the care he needed and found him a loving permanent home through her vet.

p.s. Before his surgery he was actually RUNNING (on 3 legs) and playing with her bulldog puppy. Quite a comeback!

Dama R.


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