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What a Brave Butcher Man

one day my dog Barkly and myself were walking to the local shop when out of now here a big black German Shepard bounded towards my little dog.i looked for the onwer but their was not one in site. Barkly froze then he got tossed out onto the busy road and almost got killed he tried to run to the path but the dog threw him back out. I was so scared i didn't no what to do. All i knew is i had to get barkly of the busy road before he got killed but i couldn't bring myself to doing it. Mean while Barkly was screaming his head off when suddenly the butcher came out from the butcher and ran out onto the road and managed to hit the dog so hard it went yelping off in the distance i thanked the man so much i thought he was so brave. Barkly was so scared and shakened up it took him a few weeks before he returned back to normal he may not be alive if it wasn't for that brave butcher.

Alexis R.


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