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Dog Stories

Answer to My Prayer

I had been wanting a puppy for sometime but my husband and I agreed that we just didn't have time to house break and train a puppy. Yet I missed not having a dog in the house. One Sunday night I prayed that if there was a dog somewhere that needed me that God would help bring us together. The next day was Labor Day, 1992 (a day I will never forget). My husband had visited our neice and she had found a doxie puppie along the road by the old city dump. She said she knew there were more puppies. My husband came home and told me the story. I told him I remembered seeing a doxie that obviously just had pups in the neighborhood but I hadn't seen her in a while. My husband responded that he wasn't going to worry about a few mutts. I said a silent prayer. A few minutes later he said let's go find the pups. We found them, two female pups, buried under old pallets. It took six people and a 4-Wheel drive truck to get them out. They were wild a came out biting and growling. We took them home and they adopted me as mom. One was a fear biter and afraid of everything but me. The other was more friendly. A friend took the better of the two and we kept mean ole' Molly. The great thing was, she was used to "going outside" so naturally that were she went--She was house broken! Talking to a neighbor about the pups she told me that someone had dumped the mother along side the road in a plastic grocery bag and she had managed to escape and have her pups. Later we found out that mom had been hit by a car and taken to the vet. Apparently she was doing well. As for Molly, she is smart, loyal and we love her! Every day that I wake up to her, I know that God has blessed us both and God really does hear our prayers.

Tanya L.
Dowagiac, Michigan


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