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Dog Stories

My BIG Angel

It was 3 years ago when my husband and I were expecting a baby we were very happy and could not wait.However things didn't go the way we wished thay would ,we lost our baby. i never thought I would ever feel better until I met a breeder of Rottweilers I did alot of reading about them for 2 years before getting one .3 weks after our lose I saw these 8 week old Rotti puppies and one stuck out from all of them he made me feel something almost like he was made for me and that he could feel my pain. I took him home and he warmed my heart and filled a place I didn't think could be filled. He helped me get through my lose and he is my 3 year old that I wasn't able to have,but in some way I feel he was sent to me and he has been the best gift I've ever recieved.He is my Angel.

Kate M.
Watkins Glen-NY


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