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Take My Bowl....Please

After my total hip replacement surgery, I found our German shepherd, Gemini had a helpful talent. I had tons of time to spend with her and had taught her to go "get" her toy whichever toy I pointed to).I soon found I could point to anything on the floor and she would get it and bring it to me, including her dinner bowl. She would even bring the children's dirty clothes to the washer. Unfortunately she loved bringing things to people so much that anytime anyone would come over she'd grab something and try her best to give it to them. One morning, I was awakened by the beeping of a horn and flashing of police lights. I went outside and found two police officers penned in their car by Gemini merrily standing paws in the drivers window and food dish in her mouth. The poor officers were looking for a house down the road and were afraid to get out of their unit. I politely removed my generous pooch from the officer's window and gave him directions to the house they were looking for. As they drove back down our drive I felt kind of sorry for them. I'd forgotten to mention that the man they were looking for actually DID have a mean dog.

Gemini left us at the age of 12 due to cancer, even in her weakened state in her last few days she handed us whatever was near, including her heart. Thank you to the veterinarians of the world that offer graceful and pain free exits for loyal friends like Gem.

Jean H.
Peoria, AZ.


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