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Dog Stories

Phone Call for Buddy

Buddy liked to visit and was a very active little guy. His route would take him to my mother-in-law's house which was across a busy railroad track, then across another busy road to her back yard. You see, she lived behind us and about two houses over in a kitty-corner fashion. There were times when my husband would walk with Buddy to his mother's place. One time Brent phoned me to tell me I had to come over to get Buddy as he was wanting to play, and he wanted to work in his garage. I was too busy to come over right then, so Brent told me to say something to Buddy, so I whistled in the phone and told Buddy to come home. To our surprise and amusement he headed for the door and Brent watched him race home. This became quite a parlor trick, we would have people at our place and Brent would take Buddy over to the house and then I would phone Buddy home. The only glitch was that when Brent and I were on holidays, with Buddy being doggy sat by Brent's mom and dad, Buddy would think that all phone calls were for him.

Shelley F.
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada


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