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Tips from Matty
Bonding with Your Dog

Developing a caring and loving relationship with your new pet paves the way for a trusting, successful companionship between you and your dog.

This bonding, or relationship building, is the first step toward successfully training your dog. When a dog is secure in the knowledge that he is accepted as a member of the family, he will respond more favorably to obedience training.

The theory is relatively simple... Love your dog and he will love you back. You can even change the relationship you have with a dog that has been living with you for a while, by changing the way you treat him.

How to Begin...
Sometimes it is difficult to know how a new dog was treated before he came to live with you. He may have been loved and well cared for, or he may have been mistreated. In either case, immediately and consistently let your dog know that he is safe, loved and respected.

Let your dog explore his new home and get to know each and every member of the family freely... forgiving any accidents that may occur. He should receive a lot of affection from everyone. Hug him, play with him, and by all means, talk to him. Even though he doesn't understand what you are saying, he will feel affection through the tone of your voice.

The following activities and the manner which they are performed will help create a strong bond between you and your dog:
  • Feeding your dog
  • Walking your dog
  • Bathing your dog
  • Taking your dog with you when you go outdoors or in the car
  • Allowing your dog to be with you when you are doing chores
  • Playing with your dog
  • Exercising your dog
  • Housebreaking or paper training (without harsh corrections)
  • Consistent daily routines (for feeding, walking, playing)


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