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Tips from Matty
Training Equipment

Now that you really know your dog there are a few items you will need for training.

When shopping for training equipment, a trip to a pet supplies store can be overwhelming. The thousands of gadgets and gizmos on hand, in varying sizes and colors, all promote their distinct solution to behavior problems, creating a perplexing dilemma for the new dog owner.

Relax. It takes a very few, well selected training tools to properly train a dog. And, the cost is relatively inexpensive.

What you Need....
There are six basic items recommended for training. They include:
  1. A six foot leather leash (used in teaching just about every command). This length allows the proper distance and control in training. Select a width appropriate for your dog. Five-eighths of an inch is a standard size, however, smaller dogs (such as terriers) need a narrower width...about one half of an inch or less.
  2. A jeweled training collar. This is a collar consisting of small metal links welded close together. This is the strongest type, and releases the grip around a dog's neck quickly and smoothly. (Avoid the wider link collars. The links have a tendency to catch on each other.)
  3. A shake can. Similar to a New Year's Eve noisemaker, this is used to startle a dog and get his immediate attention. To make this at home, simply drop a couple of pennies into an empty soda can and tape over the opening.
  4. A suitably sized dog crate. this is sort of an indoor dog house that can be used when transporting your dog. It is also an effective training tool for housebreaking and other behavioral problems.
  5. A puppy gate. This will be helpful in limiting a dog's access indoors, without limiting his view.
  6. A squirt bottle. A simple spray bottle, filled with water, provides an element of surprise in training.


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