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Tips from Matty

Teaching your dog to sit and stay is to teach him to sit erect and remain in that position until released from the matter what! This does not, however, replace the need to use a leash and collar when outdoors.

How to Begin...
This is a demanding command, and must be taught where there are no distractions.

Be patient and do not attempt to teach this command all in one training session. Give your dog a chance to learn slowly and become accustomed to your actions.

With your dog seated on your left, give the command "stay" in a firm voice. Do not use his name with this command, because you do not want to initiate action. At the same time, quickly and deliberately, flatten your left hand with all fingers closed together (as for a salute) and place it in front of the dog's eyes, four inches away. Do not touch his eyes - simply block his vision.

Then, stepping in front of your dog, pivoting on your right foot, make a deliberate turn to face him without moving him. As you turn, hold eighteen inches of leash straight up so that the leash and collar are high on his neck. In this position, the dog cannot move as you turn to face him.

Repeat the process, and do not forget to give your dog praise each time you have made the turn and he remains in position.

Once your dog accepts the leash control as you stand in front of him, it is time to teach your dog to stay while you back away, if the dog starts to move forward give the command "stay." At the same time, step in toward the dog, pull the leash through the right hand, and hold it eighteen inches over the dog's head. Gradually add more distance between you and your dog until he fully understands the command.


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