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Tips from Matty
Come When Called

The dog's name prefixed to the word "come" is all that's necessary to get him to come when called and go into a sitting position in front of you. But remember: Never call the dog to you to reprimand him. If the dog needs correction, go to him. A dog should always feel that coming to you is a good thing.

How to Begin...
Use the six-foot leash, and start by putting your dog through his basic commands: Heel, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay. Then place him in sit-stay. Begin the lesson standing facing your dog, with a small amount of slack in the leash.

Using "Okay" (for reassurance) and your dog's name (since this is an action command) in a warm, excited tone, command "Okay, Timmy Come!".

It is quite possible your dog will come on the first try. If he does, reward him with lavish praise. If he does not come freely, extend the leash hand and give a gentle tug on the word "okay." The sequence is, "Okay, " (gently tug the leash) "Timmy, Come!" (He comes to you). As soon as he comes, give him praise.

The next step is to teach the dog the hand signal with the voice command. Simply move your right hand upward and swing it around toward your left shoulder (the same gesture used to get people to come to you). The sequence becomes, "Okay, " (tug the leash with your left hand. Signal with your right hand) "Timmy, Come." Give him lots of praise when he gets to you.

The last step is to get your dog into a sitting position after coming when called. After the command is given, take up the slack on the leash until the dog has no choice but to sit when he gets to you. In order to help him along, pull up on the leash once he is at your feet and give the command "sit." The sequence is: "Okay," (tug the leash with your left hand. Signal with your right hand, pulling in the leash at the same time) "Timmy, Come." (Pull in the leash, using both hands). "Good boy. Good boy." (By now you have pulled him gently to your feet. Raise the leash with both hands.) "Sit! Good boy. That 's a good boy."


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