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Tips from Matty
Leash Breaking

See how to leash break your dog, as captured on video with Uncle Matty.
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A leash will prove to be a valuable life assurance policy for your dog and the most effective tool in behavior and obedience training. Your dog should be taught to accept a leash at an early age and cannot be allowed to reject it.

Why Dogs Pull and Reject Leashes
  • Fear - If a leash is forced on a scared puppy, and/or he is pulled by it because of his resistance, it is likely that he will develop a fear of the leash.

  • Uncomfortable - If a slip collar and leash are not properly adjusted, your dog will reject them.

  • Carrying the dog - If a puppy is carried a lot at a young age, he will get used to it and reject a leash.

  • Limited experience - A dog that is not walked regularly (three times a day is best) will not get used to a leash.

Proper Training Technique
Take your time introducing your dog to a leash. He should always associate it with a happy experience.

Use friendly enthusiasm as you place a lightweight leash (depending on your dog's size) and collar around your dog's neck. When he is ready, walk around the house with him without placing tension on the leash. To avoid accidents, never leave him alone with the leash attached to him.

You will know that your dog is becoming accustomed to the leash when, after about seven days, he begins to drag it around the house behind him. At that time, you are ready to venture outdoors. A leash-broken dog will walk close to you, or even begin to pull you. (Teaching him not to pull you will come later.)


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