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Do's and Don'ts
Dos and Don'ts

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Things to Remember
  • Teach your children how to understand how another person feels. For example, if you see a child crying at the playground, you could say, "Remember the time you got sand in your eyes and it hurt? That's how that little boy feels."

  • Encourage your child to help each other rather than hurrying to help them yourself.

  • Help your children discover the pleasures of friendship. Talk about how important friends are with your children. Encourage your children to include children with disabilities and children from different ethnic groups in their circle of friends.

    Things to Avoid

  • Don't allow your children to say unkind of hurtful things to other children. Don't permit hitting, pushing or yelling at other children.

  • Avoid telling your child to "stop it" or yelling "no" from across the room or playground without taking time to discuss feelings and how to get along with others in a cooperative, friendly way.
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