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Observational activity
Make arrangements to observe children in a preschool classroom who are working on a project using creative materials, such as dough, paint, or collage. The intention of this assignment is to help you think about ways to foster creative self-expression in children. Look for use of free-form materials or variations on classic materials.

1. Describe what the project was and how children responded to it.
2. How well did the activity encourage creative self-expression among the children?
3. What, if anything, did the teacher do to intentionally make this a creative experience for the children?
4. Did anything happen that may have deadened the self-expressiveness of the children?
5. What would you do to improve the presentation of this type of material?

Activities for the classroom
Chester, who is 3 years old, is new at school and has been watching the finger painting with considerable interest. At last he engages himself in this activity, only to discover to his horror that the purple paint has soaked right through his cotton smock onto his tee shirt. He is very concerned about this, particularly when the teacher is unable to wash all the paint out of his shirt, and his mother is genuinely angry when she picks him up that afternoon. How would you cope with this situation?

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