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Kathy Glasmire is Associate Director of Sacramento Healthcare Decisions, a private, nonprofit organization, which involves the public in healthcare policy and practice in the Sacramento, CA area. She has worked with Healthcare Decision projects since 1986. Kathy has specialized in the area of outreach to faith communities, senior groups, and community-based organizations. Active in the Sacramento area for more than twenty years, Kathy also chairs the Public Engagement Workgroup of the California Coalition for Compassionate Care.

Initiating Family Conversations
End-of-life decisions are faced by people of all ages, not just older people. These decisions are especially difficult when there has been no conversation prior to a crisis. There are materials available to help you think about these issues in advance and to help you to talk with your loved ones about your wishes.

The California Coalition for Compassionate Care has written a guide entitled Talking It Over that offers suggestions for beginning group discussions on the end-of-life.

Excerpts from Talking It Over

  • Reflect on influences that have shaped your views about death and dying.
  • Consider why it is difficult to talk about this topic with family.
  • Identify ways to become more comfortable talking with loved ones.
  • Identify things to consider when making decisions for a loved one.
  • Think about those who could provide support when facing the end of life.

Guide for individual use:
Finding Your Way booklet - this 13-page booklet guides individuals and families through the processes of planning before serious illness occurs, as well as when facing end-of-life decisions (also available in Spanish). Single copies are available for $1.50 by sending a check (made payable to Finding Your Way) to: CAHHS Sales/Distribution Center, PO Box 340100, Sacramento, CA 95834-0100.

Guides for use with groups:
Talking It Over discussion guide - designed for lay discussion leaders, this guide provides the format and exercises for 3 one-hour sessions on end-of-life issues: "Exploring Your Personal Views," "Talking with Loved Ones" and "Making Tough Decisions" (also available in Spanish and Tagalog).
Decisions Series - a six-part series of one-page articles to help people understand more about issues surrounding difficult decisions at the end of life (also available in Spanish).

To order materials or for more information, contact Kathy Glasmire at (916) 484-2485, email: kathy.shd@quiknet.com; or check the website at: www.sachealthdecisions.org

Recommended Resources
Improving End-of-Life Care for Californians
Early in 1998, the California Coalition for Compassionate Care was formed to bring about meaningful change in the delivery of end-of-life care in California. Over 30 healthcare, senior and community organizations are participating on the Coalition. Grants from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The California Endowment support the Coalition's initiatives: Nursing Facilities Care, Professional Education and Public Engagement. Learn more about the Coalition at its website: www.finalchoices.calhealth.org

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