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Program Credits

Crew 1 James Gribbins
Eileen Elibol/WNED

Narrated by

Stockard Channing

Written, Produced, and Directed by

John Grant


Greg Feinberg

Director of Photography

James P. Gribbins

Associate Producer

Andy Grant

Additional Field Video

Rick Seeberg
Dave Lesinski

Sound Recording

John Davis
Tami Coleman
Robert V. Jason

Crew 2 James Gribbins and Rick Seeberg
Eileen Elibol/WNED


Rick Seeberg
Dave Lesinski

Audio Recording and Post Production

Shaun M. Mullins

On-Line Editing

Greg Feinberg


Accurate Secretarial, LLC
Mary Bailey


Killer Tracks

Archival Resources

The Chautauqua Institution Archives
The Chautauquan Daily

Cohen Recording Studio

The University of Iowa Libraries, Redpath Records, Iowa City
Jane Nelson

Crew 3 James Gribbins, Rick Seeberg, and John Grant
Eileen Elibol/WNED

Special Thanks

Chautauqua Suites and Expo


Production Executive

David C. Rotterman

Production Coordinator

Kevin Rush

Production Manager

Phil Teibel


Gwen Mysiak
PBS Pressroom

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