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About WNED

WNED-TV Buffalo/Toronto is committed to creating quality television productions. In recent years, WNED has become a leading producer in developing and funding single-topic, documentary programming for national broadcast on PBS.

WNED serves a bi-national region of over 3 million households across Western New York and Southern Ontario. Through high-quality programming and services that entertain, inspire and educate, WNED’s goal is to be a bi-national resource to facilitate community-wide solutions, enhance public discourse, and be a public media portal.

Your Life, Your Money
Recent WNED national PBS productions include: The Adirondacks, a two-hour documentary on what makes this park such a special place; the Emmy-nominated Elbert Hubbard: An American Original, a one-hour documentary about the life of the flamboyant founder of the Roycroft artisan community; The Marines, a 90-minute examination of the culture of the U.S. Marine Corps; and the Emmy-nominated Your Life Your Money, a one-hour documentary offering financial advice to young adults.

WNED is currently in production and development of several national documentary programs including: The War of 1812 (wt), a two-hour documentary on the significance of this important conflict, William Still: Freedom's Man, a one-hour special on the Underground Railroad and its operations in New York and Canada; Hockey: More Than a Game, a one-hour documentary about the history and development of this beloved sport; and Golf Course Architecture in America.

The War of 1812
WNED has a commitment to producing documentaries that showcase the treasures of Western New York and Southern Ontario to national audiences. Through both local and national productions, new media outlets, and community outreach, WNED serves as a catalyst for change, discussion and enrichment.

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