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Roycroft Today

The Roycroft Campus Today

Copper Shop Today From An American Original

The Roycroft Campus, an enduring and integral part of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, is located in East Aurora, New York, 22 miles south of Buffalo. The campus currently contains six buildings including the Roycroft Inn, the Chapel, the Print shop, the Furniture Shop, the Copper Shop and the Power House (slated for reconstruction). In 1986, the campus was designated a National Historic Landmark District. Three years later, the National Trust for Historic Preservation put the Roycoft Campus on its Most Endangered Places list of historic properties that are severely at risk. In 1995, the Roycroft Inn was fully restored but the remainder of the campus has, according to the Roycroft Corporation "continued to significantly deteriorate since that time." Over the course of time, one building has been reduced to ruin, major portions of others have been lost and the historic features of some buildings have been removed or severely compromised.

Print Shop Today From An American Original

The Roycroft Corporation was established to preserve and restore the campus with preliminary cost estimates of $50 million. It is their vision to bring life back to the campus by an Artisans-in-Residence program, developing interpretive and educational programming, and encouraging the development of a center for creativity and innovation in the decorative arts, fine arts, and literature. According to Doug Swift, President of the Roycroft Corporation, "We're not re-creating an Arts and Crafts house museum where it's just a static historical interpretation. We’re looking at creating a vibrant, alive, contemporary, relevant center where people can come from all walks of life."

Today, Master Artisans continue the Roycroft tradition under the banner of Roycroft Renaissance and use a mark similar to the traditional cross and orb. However, two "R's" signify Roycroft Renaissance and the legs of the R's extend outside of the orb and extend downward like the roots of a tree. According to Roycroft Master Artisan Ron VanOstrand, the mark "draws it roots, its history from the original Roycroft…using the same philosophy of head, hearts, and hand."

Today, the campus features walking tours and holds numerous educational and interactive classes with Roycroft Master Artisans in many fields including metal and coppersmithing, leatherwork, book arts, stained glass, jewelry making, block printing, and pottery.

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