Build It

Grades 7 & 8

6-7 days

Focus Questions:

  1. How important is a set design?
  2. Can the same set be used for every play?

Instructional Resources:

  • The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain
  • Pencils
  • Drawing Paper
  • Rulers (or Architect’s Scales if available)
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Foam Board, Cardboard, Balsa Wood or other building materials


Choose a production from a Icon Shaw Festival season (143.6 KB). Read a synopsis of the play. Research the play further if needed. Write a few paragraphs about what the setting of this play is. Choose a scene to design a set for. First complete a scale drawing of the set and then build a model. 

Useful links:

Download Icon Build It (168.3 KB) Classroom Activity (PDF)

Bonus Video

The Shaw Festival's head of scenic art, Gwyneth Stark, demonstrates painting techniques including how to “distress” wood for the set of Come Back, Little Sheba so it looks suitably old and weathered.

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