Elementary Level Lessons | Important People Foldable


Paintbrushes45.png One class period

Program Segments

1810 – 1811 Calls for War (7 ½ minutes)
June 1812 Declaration of War (6 minutes)
Summer 1812 The Americans Invade (18 ½ minutes)
September 1813 The Americans Invade Canada – Again (7 ½ minutes)
Summer 1814 The American Capital Burns (10 ½ minutes)
Autumn 1814 Secession Threat in New England (9 minutes)

NCSS Themes

I: Culture and Cultural Diversity

II: People, Places, and Environments

IV: Individual Development and Identity

V: Individuals, Groups, and Institutions

VI: Power, Authority, and Governance

X: Civic Ideals and Practices

Canadian (Ontario) Concepts

Systems and Structures
Interactions and Interdependence
Power and Governance

Canadian (Ontario) Specific Expectations – Seventh Grade

Describe the major causes and personalities of the War of 1812
Explain key characteristics of life in English Canada from a variety of perspectives
Describe the different groups of people


Students will be able to:
identify the key ideas that important people stood for along with the problems they caused for themselves and others
compare and contrast the chosen people

Focus Questions
1. What are the differences and similarities of the two chosen important people? (Madison/Brock, Tecumseh/Harrison, Tecumseh/Brock, Madison/Secord, etc.)

Key Concepts
General, Federalist, Diplomat, Loyalist, Warfare, Alliance, Confederacy, Treaty, Expansionism, Colonel, Patriot

Instructional Resources

The War of 1812 DVD
Construction Paper
Markers, Gel Pens, Colored pencils
Sample Foldable (teacher created)
Icon Venn Diagram (25.1 KB)
Icon Foldable Template (23.5 KB)  

Program Segments for Lesson Plan

1. The teacher will prompt students by asking them what important people they can recall from The War of 1812.

What do they remember about these people?

Is the person comparable to another person in the program?

2. The teacher will continue to brainstorm with the students as he or she writes their ideas on the board and instructs the students to take notes.
3. The teacher will distribute construction paper and place students into heterogeneous groups of 2-4 students.
4. The teacher should direct students to pick two important people from The War of 1812 who were comparable.
5. The teacher will display a sample foldable and guide students in making one of their own.
On the outer folds students will write the two names (one on each flap)
On the inner left side, students will write the characteristics of the person on that flap
On the inner right flap, students will write the characteristics of the person on that flap
After opening the foldable, students will write the similarities of the important figures in the middle
6. Students will be told they may use any notes they have to complete their assignment.
7. The teacher will then distribute four Venn diagram worksheets to each student.
8. The teacher will explain to the students that they will present their foldable to the class. As the students are presenting, the other students are to be completing their Venn diagrams, comparing people based on the information given by the presenters.
9. The teacher will collect all foldable and Venn diagrams upon completion.

Assessment Tasks
Students will complete a foldable comparing two important people from the War of 1812. Students will also show their foldable to the class describing the two people they chose. While students are presenting, the students who are in the audience will complete a Venn diagram about the presentation.

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General Isaac Brock


William Henry Harrison


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Laura Secord warning the British