Intermediate Level Lessons | 1812 Portfolio

Paintbrushes45.png Two class periods

Program Segments
Entire program (almost 2 hours)

NCSS Themes

I: Culture and Cultural Diversity
III: People, Places, and Environments
V: Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
VI: Power, Authority, and Governance
IX: Global Connections

Canadian (Ontario) Concepts

Interactions and Interdependence
Power and Governance

Canadian (Ontario) Specific Expectations – Seventh Grade

Describe the impact of the War of 1812 on the development of Canada


Students will be able to
identify key concepts based on the War of 1812
locate and explain the battles of the war using a map
identify key figures and explain their significance in the War of 1812

Focus Questions

1. During the War of 1812, what geographic routes were taken? Where were forts located on the map?
2. Where were the battles fought? What were the outcomes of the battles?
3. Who were the key figures and their roles during the war?
4. What were key concepts of the War?

Key Concepts
Impressments, Embargo, War Hawks, Allies, Neutrality

Instructional Resources

The War of 1812 DVD
File folder (Construction Paper may be used as an alternative)
Markers or crayons
Glue stick
Icon Map of the War of 1812 handout (132.2 KB)
Icon Battles handout (22.6 KB)
Icon Key people handout (133.5 KB)  
Icon Key concepts handout (22.3 KB)

This documentary shows how the glories of war become enshrined in history.


*Teacher should complete a sample folder as a visual to guide students through the process – see directions on handouts

1. The teacher will pass out the War of 1812 map, and students will be instructed to color the map legend as they wish (every label should be a different color).
2. The teacher will guide students through marking the map with the U.S. States and territories. They will be directed to mark on the map the multiple movements and victories taken by the British and Americans. They will complete this step by marking the British blockades.
3. Students will paste the map on the front cover of a file folder and write “The War of 1812” on the top.
4. The teacher will then distribute the Battles Handout. Students will be instructed to mark a blue (x) on the American victories and a red (x) on the British victories. Students will then cut out each battle from the handout.
5. Students will open up the folder and on the bottom half write, “Fought in America” on one side and “Fought in Canada” on the other. Students will paste battles under the appropriate location in which they took place.
6. The teacher will distribute the Key People handout and students will cut them out to match the faces to the appropriate information provided. The students will paste to the top portion of the inner folder, with the American Allies on one side and the British Allies on the other.
7. The teacher will then distribute the Key Concepts handout and direct students to match them appropriately and paste them to the back of the folder.
8. Students will then turn in their completed assessment.

Assessment Task
Students will turn in an organized and complete War of 1812 portfolio.

Additional Resources

An American Perspective on the War of 1812
A Canadian Perspective on the War of 1812
A Native Nations Perspective on the War of 1812
A British Perspective on the War of 1812
1812 Journals

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 Icon 1812 Portfolio Lesson Plan (474.7 KB)

The Legacy of the War of 1812 and the impact it had on Native nations in North America.

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Battle of Chippawa


Battle of Plattsburg