Intermediate Level Lessons | Treaty of Ghent Simulation 

NotebookandPen45.png Three class periods

Program Segment

Autumn 1814 Secession Threat in New England (9 minutes)
Winter 1814 New Orleans (7 minutes)
1815 Peace (4 minutes)

NCSS Themes

V: Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
VI: Power, Authority, and Governance
IX: Global Connections

Canadian (Ontario) Concepts

Interactions and Interdependence
Power and Governance

Canadian (Ontario) Specific Expectations – Seventh Grade
Describe the impact of the War of 1812 on the development of Canada

Students will be able to:

describe three different points of view of the groups that participated in the War of 1812
create a new treay to end the War of 1812

Focus Questions

1. How does one determine when a war is won or lost?
2. What is the purpose of a treaty?

Key Concepts
Treaty of Ghent, Impressments, Embargo, Neutrality

Instructional Resources

The War of 1812 DVD
Treaty of Ghent (
Icon Graphic Organizer for List of Demands/Opening Statement with Dossier (75.9 KB)  
Icon Voting Worksheet (22.2 KB)

Program Segments for Lesson Plan

Every student in this simulation will display respect toward all participants. This simulation will not be effective if this important guideline is not followed.
Each group will represent one nation at The Treaty of Ghent and must act in the best interest of that group. There will be three participants: America, Native Americans, and Britain.

Before the simulation begins, each group will be responsible for producing an opening statement that will express why their side deserves to have their demands met by the other participants.

Before the simulation begins, each group will be responsible for producing a list of demands that will be considered by the other two groups for consideration to be added to the treaty.

The simulation will begin with the opening statement of all three groups and a presentation of their list of demands. The other groups will listen and take notes during the presentations.

Once all groups have presented, the groups will be given time to confer and compare notes on the other groups’ demands. Each group will decide if they will vote to allow, consider, or deny each demand presented by the other groups (groups will not vote on their own demands). If a group chooses to deny a demand, a valid reason must be provided (to be determined by the facilitator/teacher).

The groups will be given the opportunity to persuade and negotiate with the other groups to change their vote to allow. If all demands were allowed, the treaty will be created and the simulation is over.

A second and final vote will be taken on the demands. The groups will only be allowed to vote allow or deny.  All demands that were allowed will be compiled in to a final treaty that all participants will sign.

Additional Resources

Treaty of Ghent

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The Treaty of Ghent outlines the agreement that ended the war.

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Symbolic representation of the Treaty of Ghent


The signing of the Treaty of Ghent


An excerpt from the Treaty of Ghent