Program Credits

A Film By
     Lawrence Hott and Diane Garey
Written By
     Ken Chowder
Cinematography by
     Stephen McCarthy
Additional Cinematography by
     David Litz
     Kevin Minderler
     Mike Craven Todd
     Joe Mantegna
Production Designer
     Peter Twist
Assistant Editor
     Kelly Gallagher
Sound by
     John Davis
Original Music
     Judy Hyman
Animation and Title Design
     Amit Sethi
Additional Sound
     Robert Silverthorne
Associate Producer
     Rebecca Arndt
Production Assistants
     Joe Bunce
     Derek Yorks
     Cara Haxo
     Josh Sasson
     David Pritchard
Sound Design
     Rikk Desgres
     Scott Tremblay
     Michael Ruscitti
     Carson Foster
     Ken Perham
Special Effects Coordinator
     Tim McElcheran
Hair and Makeup
     Sue Upton
Costume Supervisor
     Jennifer Robb
     Anne Carney – Dolley Madison
     Steve Elm – Tecumseh
     Chris Genebach – William Atherton
     Sophie Hayden – Lydia Bacon
     James Kennedy – John Beverly Robinson
     Darrill Rosen – Shadrack Byfield
     Sam Tsoutsouvas – Isaac Brock
     Scott Finlay  - Isaac Brock
     Ellis Hill - Tecumseh
     Ray Hobbs  - James Wilkinson
     Grant Jackson - Andrew Jackson
     Chris McKay - Shadrack Byfield
     Pamela Peterson - Dolley Madison
     George N. Wells - James Madison
     William White  - William Atherton
     Craig Williams  - William Hull
Special Thanks
     Joe Martin
     Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
     The Niagara Parks Commission, Canada
     The Parks of the St. Lawrence – Friends of Crysler’s Farm Battlefield/
           Upper Canada Village
     Pride of Baltimore II and Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
     U.S. Brig Niagara, a project of the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission
     Westfield Heritage Village, Hamilton, Ontario
Online Editor
     Steve Pequignot
Post Audio Mixer
     John M. Davis
Archival Research
     Rich Remsberg
     Mieke Zuiderweg
Archives provided by
     American Antiquarian Society
     American Art Museum, Smithsonian
     Art Resource
     Brown University Library
     Clements Library, University of Michigan
     Corcoran Gallery of Art
     Government of Ontario Art Collection
     Historic Columbia Foundation
     Historic Films Archives
     Historic New Orleans Collection
     Independence National Historical Park Library
     Indiana Historical Society
     Library and Archives of Canada
     Library of Congress
     Maryland Historical Society
     Maryland State Library Resource Center
     Monroe County Historical Commission Archives
     Musee du Chateaus Ramezay
     National Archives
     National Gallery of Art
     National Maritime Museum, London, England
     National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian
     Naval Historical Foundation
     New York Public Library
     Northern Lights Productions
     SPPN Images
     Toledo Museum of Art
     Toronto Reference Library
     U. S. Army Center of Military History
     U. S. Naval Academy Museum
     U. S. Navy Library
     U. S. Senate Commission on Art
     Washington Navy Yard
     Western Reserve Historical Society
     WGBH Media Library and Archives
     White House Historical Association
Executive Producers
     Dalton Delan
     Karen Kenton
     Kate Kelly
Executive Producer
     David C. Rotterman
Production Manager
     Phil Teibel
Production Coordinators
     Kevin Rush
     Sufana Wajed
     Gwen Mysiak
Foundation Development
     Dawn Hamilton
     John Craig
     Beth Critoph
Website Design
     Christy Anne May
     Christopher Thomas

Executive Producer
     John Grant

A Co-Production of WNED-TV Buffalo/Toronto and
 Florentine Films/Hott Productions, Inc, in association with WETA, Washington, D.C.
who are solely responsible for its content.

The Making of the War of 1812.

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