St. Lawrence/Champlain Theater Continued (Part Three)

Lacolle Mill Blockhouse
1 Rue Principale
Saint-Paul-De-L'île-Aux-Noix, Quebec J0J 1G0
(450) 246-3227

A formidable blockhouse at LaColle Mill guarded the route along the west bank of the Richelieu River that led into Canada or down the river into New York. Two battles were fought here, but neither proved decisive. The blockhouse remains standing and is maintained as a historic site. A historical marker describing its history and the role it played in the War of 1812 can be found on Route 221 at the intersection Route 202.

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Macdonough Victory Monument
41 City Hall Place
Plattsburgh, New York 12901
(518) 566-1814 (Battle of Plattsburgh Interpretive Center)

Lieutenant Thomas Macdonough and his fleet lay at anchor in Plattsburgh Bay when the powerful British lake fleet under Captain George Downie sailed into view on September 9, 1814. When the smoke had cleared, the U.S. fleet had won an important victory having forced the attacking British vessels to surrender. With his supply route along the lake threatened, General George Prevost ordered his army to retreat northward from Plattsburgh. An impressive 135-foot high limestone monument in front of Plattsburgh City Hall commemorates Macdonough’s victory.

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Battle of Ogdensburg
1 Bridge Plaza
Ogdensburg, New York 13669
(315) 393-3620

During the winter of 1812-1813, the opposing sides launched a number of raids across the ice-covered St. Lawrence River. Following one such raid by the Americans, British Lieutenant Colonel George MacDonnell retaliated with a full-scale attack on lightly defended Ogdensburg, capturing the village. Although parts of Ogdensburg were ransacked, MacDonnell promised that his troops would not attack the village again as long as it took no further part in the war. A walking tour that begins on Water Street in the Ogdensburg Library Park Historic District provides a highly informative overview of the Battle of Ogdensburg. Plaques and signs along the walk describe important events that led to the battle and the fight for Ogdensburg itself. A pamphlet available from the Chamber of Commerce at 1 Bridge Plaza offers additional insight.

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Battle of Plattsburg Interpretive Center
100 Laird Avenue
Amherstburg, Ontario N9V2A5
Amherstburg, Ontario N9V2A5
(519) 736-5416

The pivotal Battle of Plattsburgh in September 1814 blocked a major British invasion that threatened New York and may have forced the Americans to accept unfavorable peace terms. Although the American garrison at Plattsburgh was relatively weak, the battle turned on dramatic events out in Plattsburgh Bay where the U.S. fleet under Lieutenant Thomas Macdonough defeated a large British flotilla. The Battle of Plattsburgh Interpretive Center in Plattsburgh City Hall recounts the fighting that took place here and provides keen perspective on the war as it was fought in the Lake Champlain region.

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