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Intro Our Town, 1900 Living without Technology



Web guide : Our Town, 1900
There are more sites available focusing on 20th century public health. A simple search on the Internet will yield many results. The sites below represent good sources from which a student can begin his or her research. The following sites can be bookmarked, downloaded as a page, or put into a web page for future student research.

Turn-of-the-Century Child at Home sup/home.html

A Victorian Scrapbook

The Transformation of American Society 0,5716,121262+1,00.html

A Middle Class Household vicproj.html

The Library of Congress

The Rise of the Small Towns

Era of Settlers and Emerging Towns 1850-1900 soc_studies/text/ grade3/Kent_Hist/kent_histbSaET.html

Urban Population Data courses/hist563/ data/urban_population_table.htm

populations of towns SectionVII/ Population1756.htm

Historic Towns

Ghost Towns & Back Woods Trails of Chaffee County, Colorado ghostown.htm

Ghost Towns

American Railroad Maps, 1828-1900

Natural Environment In The Eastern Kentucky Cultural Landscape coaltowns/ historic_context.htm

A Comparative Chronology of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day chrono14.html

A & C Archive: Companies: Sears Roebuck sears.html

20th century Industry

The 20th Century - CNN

The 20th Century - Time

The People's Century

20th Century America

20th Century Issues

Encyclopedia Britannica 0,5716,115400+1,00.html


Town Questionaire - 1900

Use this graph to help take notes during class discussions and research of your town.

History Buildings Transportation Industry Communications People Date of incorporation

What made up a town in the 1900's...

Who lived in these towns?

What was the main industry?

Why was the town built?

What kind of jobs did people have?

Why was the town located in a specific place?

How did the town survive?

Did the town perish?

What did people wear?

What did they eat?

How did they survive?

Were there servants?

How did people act?

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