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STORYTELLER: my mother and her siblings LOCATION: Cape Verde and New York, New York YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1966
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Cape Verde Islands HOW HEARD: Passed down

The story is how I, well my family, ended up in the united states. We are from Cape Verde, and out history is oral, and it is really hard to trace where we come from because of the mix. We are an afro/euro mix. M uncle Antonio was hidden in a banana boat by my uncle Joe in the the late 60's and that is how uncle Antonio ended up in the USA. When he came here, the boat let him off in New York, New York, where he married at some point an African-American lady (Angie) and they had two girls, my cousins Selena and Tonya. When my uncle received his papers, he filed for my uncle Joe, my aunt Gertrude, and my mother, Rosario, to come to the USA. To make a long story short, that is how I, my family, ended up here in the U.S.

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