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STORYTELLER: Maternal Aunt LOCATION: Boston, Massachussetts YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1940s

I was aware of biracial, if not mutiracial, lineage in the McCrae/Treadway family...but nothing was confirmed until my maternal grandfather (whom I only met once as a child) died in 1998. He lived in New Haven, CT until his death and when my Aunt received her father's death certificate it clearly said white as his color. My maternal grandmother had never "bothered" to mention that she had at one point in her life been married to a caucasian World War II veteran.

She had by his death been remarried to the man who I came to know as PAPA. He was of Cape Verdean heritage.

My maternal grandmother and maternal great aunt were born to a son of sharecroppers/Hampton Institute graduate, James McCrae and an Erie, PA Native American Celar Miles Robinson. Celar reportedly died young, so Papa James sent the girls now without a mother to a Catholic Girls School in Schnectady, NY...he worked for GE.

I am so intrigued by my history, but have no time as a 38 year old married mom of three small children. My husband is biracial, but was adopted and has no desire to find out his heritage.

They eventually moved to NJ to live with their Grandmother...can't remember where. Eventually the girls moved to MA.

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