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TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Scotchplans HOW HEARD: oral conversation

My fatherís side of the family consists of my great great grandparents Molly Dixon and Joe Dixon. Molly Dixon and Joe Dixon were married and had a daughter named Dorothy Dixon. Dorothy, who is my great grandmother, was born in Durham, North Carolina on February 27, 1900. Molly helped people in her neighborhood who needed help. Molly and Joe moved to Atlantic City from Pennsylvania. Dorothy attended school in Atlantic City. In 1917, Dorothy met and married the late James Hubbered Sr.

They had four children: Lenard Hubbered, James Hubbered, Shirley Hubbered, and the youngest Vivian Hubbered. Shirley died at a young age. Vivian is my fatherís mother. Vivian was born on June 9,1933 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Vivian met and married Dealvin Walker and had eight children. Dorothy passed away at the age of 94 on March 18,1994.

The oldest were the two girls, Alma Walker and Wanda Walker, then there were the boys: oldest to youngest were Dealvin Walker, Norman Walker, the twins Dwayne Walker who is the oldest of the two boys by two minutes then Daryl Walker. The second to last is Craig Walker Sr., who is my father. After Vivian husband's death she remarried Ralph Peterson of Pleasantville, New Jersey and she had her last child, Kevin Peterson.

In 1982 my father and mother met and they were married 2 years later on October 15, 1984.. They were married for twenty-one years and were divorced in February of 2002. They had four children: Natasha Walker, Craig walker Jr, Whitney Walker, and Avery Walker. Natasha was born on October 21, 1983. Craig was born on March 28 1986. Whitney was born on June 19 1988, and Avery was born on December 20, 1993.

My motherís side of the family consisted of my great great grandmother Jennie Fare. She was born in 1879 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jennie married James White in 1908. They later moved to White Plains, New York and they had four children. Grace White was born a year later in 1909, Edna White, Herbie White, and Irvin White were the other children. Jennie moved to White Plains, New York in her twenties. Grace is my great grandmother. Grace met George Lipford while going to school in Scotchplains, New Jersey which is located in North Jersey. Grace White was married in October 1926.

George was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. He worked in the coal mines in West Virginia.

Grace and George had nine children, they were Jimmy Lipford, Andrew Lipford, Vera Lipford, Richie Lipford, Clarice Lipford, Gibby Lipford, Ruthann Lipford, Georgie Lipford, and Hilda Lipford. I am close with Hilda and Georgie Lipford. The rest of the family we would see once in a while or when we run in to them. We would usually see them during the holidays at my grandma Grace's house. Hilda is my grandmother and Georgie is my great aunt and godmother. George Lipford's ancestors were born in London, England. Graceís mother. Jennie White, had been a house keeper. She scrubbed peopleís floors to get enough money to go to the north to escape the southern way of living. She worked two jobs sometimes three to get away from slavery. Grace was the first black person to own her own store in her neighborhood and she was of interracial descent.

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