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TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Columbus, Ohio HOW HEARD: Oral and Written History

We are descendents of the 8 Chubb brothers who founded a town in the 1700's. The town was called Chubbtown. The church and graveyard is still standing today, as well as descendents are still living on the land. This town was a self-sufficient community and had its own post ofice, stores, distilleries, blacksmith, farms, and several mills. The white community knew of this communtiy. As a matter of fact it was stated in a history of Rome and Floyd County book that "these darkeys (which is funny to us ) were farmers around Chubbtown, near cave spring. And the Polk County line whose industry and thrift enabled them to accumulate considerable property, gins, mills, houses, etc. They were lawabiding, respected by the whites and generally good citizens." What is also known is that General Sherman came by this town and wanted to know who owned the land. When he learned who owned the land he and his army went on their way. It has also been said that there was some sort of relationship between George Washington and our folks as well.

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