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mother San Salvador, Bahamas formerly Watlings Island and Guanahani island 1700s from her grandmother who lived over 100 years. As told by my mother who is trying to trace her ancestors

My ancestors were said to be descendants of the native indans of the Bahamas. Slaves were brought to the Bahamas and then the African heritage began. My mother is a product of a relationship between my grandfather who was in the Royal Air Force and my grandmother who was employed by the officers as a maid. My grandfather left the Bahamas after the war returning to England and never returning. My mother has tried to learn more about her father but it has been difficult getting information. My grandmother passed away in 1997 and couldn't offer much info about my grandfather. We would really like to trace our roots because the Bahamas has such a rich history for a small country that is only looked at for it's beauty and hospitality.

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