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My 103 yr old great, great, great aunt, geneology library, and elders of my Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma 1996 Born in Longview, Texas KMJQ Magic 102 on the Tom Joiner Show

Approximately ten years ago my mother and I set out to find more about our family heritage. We started by asking the elders of our family and then the genelogy library. We found some interesting facts. One was about my mother's biological father. She had no idea that the man who raised her was not her biological father. Another found fact, was my mother's grandfather had not died as earlier told to her as a little girl. In fact, he lived through the late 70's in Longview, Texas. This was a time my mother lived near by. Of course she was heart broken about this fact but we both pressed on in learning more about our heritage. It has been a 10 year ordeal and I have found that there is one face that I see thoughout our family tree. No matter who the two parents are/were, this face is present throughout each and every generation of our family. I have seen this face at our family reunions and funerals. I learn just a little more about my family tree at each event. Since my search has started, I've come to the conclusion that no matter what, DNA absolutely never changes. I have a 13 year old daughter who looks almost identical to my mother. I do not. My mother has a aunt whom she looks identical too and a great aunt, that we met at our great uncle's funeral 6 years ago, to whom all three of them look identical too. The resemblance is uncanny. Four generations each having different parents, yet they look identical. Since this seems to be the face that keeps showing in each generation I'm betting that if I find more of my family then they too will have someone the looks identical to my mother. There is a gospel singer, Shirley Ceaser, that I wonder alot about. She too looks like my mother, daughter, aunt, and great aunt. Everyone tells them this. I wonder, if she submitted to a DNA test would she prove an aunt too? I've often wondered also, if the people you meet or see, look like you or a family member is there a slim chance that there could be a DNA relation.

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