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My grandfather Lexington, KY 1880s Lancaster, KY Passed down

My name is Linda Dumas Wade, for years my grandfather and the rest of his family said we had cherokee blood. In 1993 I began to research because of spiritual enlightment, and cancer. I did a lot of searching, and found up to my grandfather's grandparents. I believe my grandfather; because of the things I was feeling. I did experience some dead ends. To compensate for my dead ends, I created an art form for my family to be handed down, so our future generations can have something to relate to. It is called Mustee Folk Art. Mustee is a term used by a black historian. I call it African/Indian Art.

By 2004, I found out my grandfather parents were malatto. I was also, told by an aunt, that my slave ancesters had more Indian blood than my grandfather's side. To include all my family; my art had to change, to the RED/BLACK/WHITE. Still, I call myself Mustee. I also name my homeschool "Mustee Technical and Mechnical Home School". I homeschool seven grandchildren and four other family members. Even though my story has dead ends, I hope, my story to my grandkids will not be lost. I continue to create Art relating to my ancestor's memories and I keep up the family tree for my family, so our generations and the future generations family history is documented. I struggle to get my grandchildren to accept our family lineage; because family history has become unimportant to them. Spiritually, I feel that a number of my ancesters were African Indian, thats why I couldn't just accept it as just my grandfather's blood nor, can I just drop my feelings about the blood that I believe runs through my body.

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