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I felt compelled to document our family history Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio 1820s Halifax County, Virginia Personal Research

My great great grandfather's name was Ivory Henry. His wife was Nica Carter. One of their sons was my greatgrandfather, Aaron Henry (1844-1911). His wife was Courtney Hawkins (1849-1934). Aaron was born in 1844 in Halifax, County VA. My Grandfather, Junius Henry (1872-1948) was born in Alamance County, North Carolina. His wife was Martha Hicks (1881-1970).Aaron Henryand the family were tobacco sharecroppers near Greensboro,NC until Junius got fed up with how the owner continually cheated Aaron every year. Junius relocated to Springfield, Ohio in 1900 and almost all of the family followed him here.

With regard to the Patrick Henry connection, as you may or may not know, in giving his "Liberty or Death" speech on March 23, 1775 at St. John's church in Richmond, VA as Patrick Henry said the words (Liberty or Death) he plunged an ivory letter opener towards his heart to make his point.

Additionally, the anonymous individual responsible for the 1772 Letters of Junius could quite possibly have been known by Patrick Henry.

Finally, Patrick Henry owned land all over Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky. He died at Red Hill Plantation which was just across the Roanoke River from Halifax County where one of his seventeen children, a daughter Betsy lived.

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