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My grandfather was raised by his grandmother who told him originaly Mexico and Texas 1846 Brownsvile, Texas The story was told oral by my grandfather who is now 91

My grandfather has told me that his grandmother and grandfather were seperated due to the war between Mexico and the US because he stoled fire arms to support the Mexicans and was a wanted man in Texas.

He told me the last time they saw each other was across a river (not sure which one). His grandmother was left with the farm and children and ended up raising my grandfather and whom ever else was dropped off at the farm. My grandfather was raised calling these children brothers. So we were a blended family from the very beginning. His mother is the daughter of the grandmother he was raised from but he has never mentioned a father, not sure if he was Afican American because my grandfather was VERY dark and many times taken for Black, he always said that he was Texian. Not sure why. Up until 4th grade for me I thought he was black myself and never doubted it. Race has been a hurtful subject for him so I really never pressed the issue but I would love to know. As a young man in Texas not sure how much race played a big part but when he came to the North as a young man that's when the struggles began. I love this story because it tells of my family believing in a cause that was worth fighting for and even though that it didn't end up the way I'm sure they wanted it to.

I know that I come from a very strong woman who was brave enough through so much in her life time. Trust me I have a double dose because I know for a fact on my fathers side my grandmother was a strong woman too. Knowing just this little bit has help me to remember what my heritage is. Thank you so much for this program! I loved it so much. Personal history is my favorite I feel becasue I'm such a people person. I do find all of this amazing. And hope some day soon I will be able to know the truth about my family's history. Thank you again.

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