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information from the great grand children of George, flora, research paper cherryvale plantation one of the many frierson plantations sumter sc 1800s they lived in sumter sc, some were originally from Charleston sc family members, research on the plantaions, slave list, military documents

geddis family in slave; The geddis came lived and borned and raised on the cherryvale plantation Sumter sc. The owner of the plantation was james frierson then pass on to his son John napolian frierson. The slave list shows the family names listed as a family without the husband. The list was dated dec 1864. This list was given to me by the great grand son of John n frierson in 1990. Some of this information was document and confirmed by my great great grand uncle who fought in the civil war. It is document on his penson that he applied for in 1890. He tell of the ,master their family when he left the plantation for the war. He died in 1921. From his penson he was able to own and purchase from his former master. Some of the family sharecrop for the old slave master. This information was told by month and in a book publish by the old masters son about the frierson and vaughn family. My great great grandfather was born in 1799 and his wife was born 1808. They chose the name Geddis after the war, my uncle solomon gives this information in his until that time while in the war he was called solomon frierson because his owner was frierson. The plantation house burned down in 1954. The frierson land was sold of to the government of Shaw air force base in 1941. This information is documented in the archives in Washington DC. And my uncle military records is in Washington DC. My uncle and his cousin are lisited on the civil war museum wall in DC and other members of the family who fought. They built ther church in 1890 at the end of the flightline the church has been moved across the road from the base which is hwy 76 The church is called St Luke AME

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