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My mother Originated from North Carolina to Tennessee 1842 Medon, Tennessee Oral history

My mother has always shared family history with me and siblings--taking us to visit relatives all over at young ages. During our family reunions on my mother's maternal side was when I first heard the name of my great great grandfather, Logan Currie who married Mollie, then had Nellie, who had my grandmother Celestine, who had my mom Vernell, who had me Gaye. After watching the Wednesday night PBS special and listening to Tina Turner's history--Logan Currie was also mentioned as her great great grandfather. Of course this made me sit straight up, and I immediately got on the phone. Tina Turner's hometown is only about 30 minutes from where my family resides. I then went to the website and logged on to her story and found more information that links us as cousins. The Lucy Kimbro that was mentioned in her bio is listed on my family's census under Logan Currie as his mother-in-law making her Tina Turner's great great great grandmother, as well as my own great great great grandmother (apparently Mollie's mother who lived with her and Logan). The birth date is also the same (1805). Another factual link is that Logan Currie signed a labor contract in Madison County, Tennessee, which is where all of the descendants (including me) that I know resides. It said in Tina's bio that he bought the land from his former slave owner Jesse Currie. My mother has mentioned a cousin named Jesse Currie, whom we are assuming to have been named after this slave owner. Also, it's wonderful to know that we are linked to such a great star as Tina Turner. I'm pretty sure this is a link to ancestry with her.

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