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My Father Walter Alexander Frazier Charleston, South Carolina 1974 Bronx, New York Conversations from my Father; Walter Alexander Frazier known as Shorty

My Father Walter Frazier, told me that he was a twin, and that his twin brother William died as a small child. My Grandmother's name was Marie (Mariah) Frazier, and that she was from Charleston, South Carolina. My Father had a older brother named Clarence Frazier and a older sister named Rosalie, she married a man David Roberts, who worked as a Sanitation Man. My Father said back then you were called a Street Sweeper and that was a good job for a colored man. He never used the term Black or Afro-American, it was before his time. His sister; Rosalie and her husband; David lived out in Long Island. They did not have any children of their own but raised my sister's (Lenora Johnson) son through a teenage pregnancy named and they named him David Roberts. I believe his birth name maybe Norman Johnson. My Father said his Father died before he was born, but that his name was Cyrus Frazier. His family originated from Charleston, South Carolina and he family heritage is of Apache/Cheerokee. My father was born in Manhattan, NY in 1911. If there are anyone with the surname Frazier that originated from Charleston, South Carolina we could be related. Something I will always remember about my Father was that he had to have white rice and tea with milk at every meal. Some people would try and call him a Geechee because of where his family was from and that he love to eat rice, and that would make him upset.

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