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Cousins, aunts, uncles Sibley, Mississippi (Adams County) 1900s Adams County, Mississippi family history

My great-grandparents on my maternal grandmother Saint Arby Washington-Thompson line are Will Washington Sr. and Alice Rounds-Washington. My great-grandparents were able to secure nearly 400 acres of land which once belonged to my great-great grandfather Scott, called Ben's Corner. The land was lost from Scott to a white man named Jacob Laub. This property is still in my family today and runs along highway 61 in southern Mississippi. The main road onto the property is called "Will Washington Rd."

My great-great grandfather Scott Washington's origins are somewhat a mystery. I don't know too much about him except that he met Will's mother in Wilkerson County, MS. However, my great-grandmother Alice has a much more lengthy family history going all the way back to Africa. Alice's parents Golitha Rounds and Dinah Brown Rounds are also from Adams County, MS. Golitha's parents Charlie and Charity were both enslaved in Adams County. Charlie was born in Africa (Guinea) according to family legend and brought to Virginia. Later, he was brought to Natchez, one of the largest slave ports in the U.S. at that time. Charlie and Charity had many children (God only knows where their descendants are) Golitha and his family were able to secure a the Glen Auburn Plantation in Adams County, MS. a home and hundreds of acres in land.

Each child of Golitha and Dinah received 40 acres of land. The Rounds cemetary was established next to the Big House. That is where Charles, Charity, Golitha and Dinah are buried. Another cemetary was established a bit later some distance away from the Big House, and Rounds descendants are interned there to this day. Unfortunately, the Big House was sold away during the 1950's. However, the majority of the property remains in the Rounds family.

That's the Washington-Rounds Family Story.

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