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Mother told history Madison County, Tennessee 1800s Jackson, Tennessee (originally Medon, TN) Oral history and watching PBS special

I've always been interested in history and my mom and dad made sure that me and my siblings knew as much about family as possible. I remember going to visit relatives at an early age. I knew of Logan Currie, (my great great grandfather, b. 1842) by going to family reunions. The reunion wasn't on the Currie side, but Nellie Currie (my great grandmother, b.1872) was married to Thomas Mackey. They had nine children of whom my grandmother (Celestine) was one. She had my mother (Vernell), who had me (Gaye). We were told that Logan Currie had a wife named Mollie and that they came from North Carolina. I decided to do my own research through and found a census from 1880 that listed Logan Currie and family members, but the ages and some other things weren't adding up to what I had been told. Lucy Kimbro (Tina Turner's great great great grandmother, b. 1805) was also listed as a resident on the census. I knew this census was our family's Logan Currie because of familiar names. Two of the names (Rachel and Minerva were listed as his daughters, but my mom had told me they were his sisters. I kept thinking that the census takers must have gotten it wrong. Finally, when I saw the PBS special on Wednesday, and I heard Mr. Gates mention Logan Currie as Tina Turners ancestor--I almost hit the floor. I immediately logged onto this site and found her history. My eyes couldn't believe what I was reading. The land contract agreement under "Analyzing the Evidence" was proof and gave me more history to our family ties. I found out that Logan Currie was a junior--his father was also named Logan Currie (b. 1816), which would explain the census that I saw from 1880, which was correct. Other family members were mentioned that we knew nothing of. Lucy Kimbro was Logan's mother-in-law--Betty was his wife. This makes him my great great great grandfather and Lucy Kimbro my great great great great grandmother. Tina Turner is my cousin from one of these ancestors of which I don't know yet. The contract also told me that Logan Currie was once owned by Jesse Currie of Madison County, Tennessee.

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