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Mother, aunts, grandmother & great-grandfather Navasota, TX & Grimes, TX Traditional story passed down over generations 1870s Great-grandfather from Beaumont, TX; rest of family born in CA Texas Legislator during Reconstruction
mother, cousins and at family reunion Rockfarm Estate, Dinwiddie County, Virginia documented story passed down over generations with gaps 1840s Family's origin is Dinwiddie County, Virginia unsanctioned interracial love
Mother, Estelle Alma Singleton Taylor/ Aunt Ruby Ursula Singleton Thompson Sumter, So Carolina Handed down through the years on maternal "Singleton" Family 1850s Sumter, So Carolina -- came North in 1923 settling in NY then CT Ancestor "Singleton" found gold in Sumter, So. Carolina and bought freedom
My Aunt, I suspect that she is the last living direct desendant of a slave runaway slave from Kentucky, to Civil War Hero and Medal of Honor My Aunt 100 yrs old related stories to me. She is stll living 2001 My aunt and mother came from Grand Rivers, Kentucky lyon county My (grand father) was the last medal of honor receipent in the Civil War.
My cousin, Robert Holden, told the story at family gatherings. As the family settled in Raleigh, NC Family story passed down - substantiated by the Family Bible 1865 He is originally from Raleigh, NC Migrating North and Selecting the family name
my grand aunt sumter sc (1865) told by the granddaughter that he was the family first pastor 1865 sumter sc greatgrandfather usct and a free man
My mother wrote the letter to a cousin. A great-uncle had the bible. The family were freed blacks in Baltimore and slaves in QueenAnne's County. My maternal family history was written in a letter and in a family bible. 1813 These relatives lived in Baltimore Maryland. It is a story about understanding my identity, my character and behaviors.
My Mother's first cousin, another family historian. New Orleans, Louisiana oral history, proven by archival records 1770s New Orleans, Louisiana, Marseille and Provence France; Mali, West Africa self-purchase, love and affection, overcoming the odds
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