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African American Lives 2 -- Hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
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My Grandmother Mrs. Carrie Bass (Deceased/1995) Simpson County Mississippi (1880 Census Report) Found in 1880 Census Records for Simpson County Mississippi 1860s Crystal Springs Mississippi White GG Grandfather was married to my Black GG Grandmother in 1880 in MS
My Grandmother to begin with and her grandfather Stonewall, Indian Territory Oral history from my Grandmother. This is my family history 1898 Indian Territory/Oklahoma This is a story about a "True American". This is about my ancestory.
My grandmother, grandfather and sister. The Congos in West Africa, Ireland, and America (Native American) passed down 1840s The Congos in West Africa, Ireland and America (Native American) Genealogy
My Mother who is 86yrs old Africa & Savannah Ga told to me by my Mother 1900s Savannah Georgia It Is about My Grandfather who told my Mother (Never forget you are African
my mother's father Ridgley, Maryland oral tradition 1850s Caroline County of the Eastern Shore of Maryland great-great grandfather linked to a white family
My mother, Marie Moss Smith Washington, D.C. A traditional story that has been passed down for years 1873 Washington, D.C. My great grandfather was a co-founder of the American Colored Opera
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