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Introductory Activity One: Conservation
Introductory Activity Two: Defining Desertification

Learning Activity One: Clean Water
Learning Activity Two: Geography & Climate

Learning Activity Three: Africa Through Art & Literature
Learning Activity Four: Activism & The Media

Learning Activity Five: Broadcasting the News

Learning Activity One: Clean Water

The purpose of this activity is for students to conduct Internet research on clean water issues and then share this knowledge with the entire class.

Learning Activity Two: Geography & Climate

The purpose of this lesson is for students to examine how geography and climate impact desertification and water issues in Africa.
    1. Have students go to the following sites for these activities:
    PBS AFRICA - Explore the Regions tml

    African Conservation

    2. Distribute a relief map of Africa available at

    3. Divide students into small groups to investigate Africa's Sahel ountries by clicking on the Choose a Country or the Country Profiles link. Have each group report about the particular geographic and climatic characteristics that distinguish each country, particularly as they relate to desertification and water scarcity. Assign groups to each of the countries below:
      Burkina Faso
    3. After the presentations are complete note the similarities and differences among these countries. Make a content-feature grid reflecting these key comparisons.

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