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African Arts and Music
Goals Get Started Learning Activities Extensions
    ONE: Visit the following Web site:
    http://www. carousel- music.com/nf/ africanf .html
    Site describes a variety ofAfrican drums and small percussion instruments.
    Ask the students to build a drum of their choice.

    TWO: Adrinka Cloth
      1. Visit the following site to learn about Adrinka cloth, worn by the people of Ghana on special occasions at
      http://users. erols.com/ kemet/ adinkra .htm

      2. Have the students read about the different symbols, and create their own picture of Andrinka cloth using the symbols.
    THREE: Supporting Art
      1. Research the group called Aid to Artisans at
      http://www.aid2 artisans .org/

      2. Discuss the following questions with the class:
      Why do people support artists?

      Would you give money to artists? Why or why not?

      How do artists support themselves?

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