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Ahmad Daniels

USMC Millington

I was a U.S. Marine stationed in Millington, TN, in January of 1967. I put on my uniform one Sunday morning that January to attend a local church for the first time. Being naïve and coming from New York City, I knew nothing about Jim Crow. It was when I entered the church and was told to get my “black a** out” that I came to realize I had walked into an all white church. It was shortly after that I began reading (“Crisis in Black & White by Charles E. Silberman” and “Who Speaks for the Negro by Robert P. Warren”) that my consciousness was raised and I started questioning why Black Marines should go to Viet Nam. I was court martialed and sentenced to 10 years but on appeal and after 29 months of incarceration the ACLU was able to have me released with an honorable discharge. To your journey!

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