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John C. Coney, 1848-1924 Magnolia MS

If only I could go back and NOW pay attention to the stories that were shared with me when I was a young girl. Gathering my family’s history did not begin until 1999 while planning our my first family reunion. When my Aunt learned that I was researching our history, she said to me “you may not like the can of worms you are about to open!” This only made me curious as to what I would find. And boy oh boy, it has been interesting to say the least. My family’s history is a tale of two Coney Families, one White and one Black from the same Mississippi town and county!

In fact, these families are related but finding those intricate connections to my Great-grandfather has not been easy. As the family’s historian, a title I don’t take lightly, I’ve found that there is so much more to learn and I’m excited and sad. Sad in the respects that I cannot connect who actually fathered John C. Coney but exciting to find records of who his mother and her father were! John C. Coney was most likely born a slave, as well as his mother and her father! I’m happy to know that I found more information about our family than most. We have a family reunion in Orlando FL 2014. There will be Coney family members from many states and many Coney branches in attendance. It is my desire to find that common thread that connects us all!

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