African-American history has played an integral role in the shaping of politics, economics, and culture in the United States. Growing up, how did you learn about the accomplishments and struggles of African Americans? Were you in a classroom? Reading a book? Talking with relatives or friends? How has your understanding or knowledge of African-American history changed and/or developed over time? What do you think is the most effective way to pass along this rich and growing history to future generations?

Andrea Brooks

I learned of the civil rights struggles when I became an adult and researched it myself. Here in philadelphia the children are taught limited information on the black struggles. The section on the civil rights only covers five paragraphs, most children don’t know how many of the inventions that were made was created by African Americans. So when I became a parent I searched out books, and I brought books that told them the entire story of our history so they will know where you came how we got here.. My youngest all reads African American Century.