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Barbara Adderley

My grandfather, who I never met, was born a slave in Rixeyville, VA but was freed after birth by owner whose last name was Clore (Klar). His mother, Louisa Rawls, was never freed. He served and was musketed in the Civil War. Arthur Clore (owner gave him his last name) later married Mollie and they had 9 children, one which was my mother (deceased) Genevieve Clore Bell who was 2nd from youngest. She moved to Washington, DC, and attended Miner Normal School became a teacher, moved back to Rixeyville and taught in a one room schoolhouse. She later met Austin Whitlow Bell and moved back to Washington, DC. The irony of this story was my father’s mother became the seamstress of Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln. I have in my possession one of the long barrel hand guns that he gave her. One grandparent born a slave the other working as a free person for the family of the president who freed the slaves.

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