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Beatrice Hunter

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In the late 80s after having watched the “Roots” serial, a thought occurred to me to leave a legacy of family history and pride for my children. Having come from a long line of single mothers raising her family, and having been born in the fifties, I was reared at a time when children were “seen but not heard.” ┬áIn my parent’s efforts to keep me safe from the social injustices and hardships, they had kept me virtually ignorant of who we actually were. When I began, I only knew my parents and grandparents names. It is many years later, and I have concluded researching my history back to my fifth great grandparents. This has been an enlightening and eye opening experience. I can only wish I could go further, but I am blessd to be able to say…I have met my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandmother, even in name only. I think all African Americans should do their genealogy. In fact I think its absolutely necessary. The picture is of me visiting the family cemetery and paying homage to those strong men and women whose shoulders I stand upon.

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