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Bridgette Jordan


I was a very young girl when Roots came out. I remember watching it in the living room with my parents and feeling sad and confused by what the people who looked like I did had to go through. Even then I had a free spirit and I understood that I was lucky to not have been born during such times. I watched tv shows where African Americans proudly wore afro’s and women had lots of moxie in Blaxploitation films. I learned the most though from my Mom and Dad who were married (still are) and worked hard, together and gave me opportunities that included living overseas and going to camp in Italy. I knew slavery existed in Europe as well but I also knew that Britain didn’t have to go to war against itself for people to finally get their freedom. My experiences made me pay attention to facts rather than ignorance and have empathy towards other African Americans that didn’t have the luck or blessing I did. Knowing our history is something that young people today are sincerely lacking. Thanks for these series.

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